Testing standards for labor protection gloves


In order to ensure the authenticity, accuracy and reliability of the inspection of labor protection articles, it must be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant technical specifications. The standards, norms and testing procedures, methods and requirements formulated by relevant departments concerning the safety protection performance of labor protection articles are the main technical basis for testing and inspection institutions to carry out testing and inspection. Testing and inspection institutions shall not violate the requirements of these standards and norms for testing and inspection.

Protective gloves

It is labor protection gloves, which is an ancient kind of gloves that people are familiar with. Our company specializes in providing professional testing for various gloves, and provides one-stop service mode.

Detection range

Insulation gloves, acid and alkali resistant gloves, oil resistant gloves, welder gloves, anti-vibration gloves, fire retardant gloves, anti-static gloves, dust-free gloves, police anti-cut gloves, mechanical hazard protection gloves, etc.

Test item

Wear-resisting property, tensile property, weather resistance, light fastness, friction fastness, washing fastness, electrostatic property, burning property, burning grade, flame retardant property, purity, moisture regain, moisture permeability, air permeability, oil content, chemical fiber composition identification, quantitative chemical analysis, chemical fiber chemical composition, etc.

Detection standard

DB37/T2408-2013 Natural knit protective gloves

HG/T4667-2014 Polyamide lined labor protection latex gloves

AQ6101-2007: Rubber oil resistant gloves

AQ6102-2007: acid (alkali) resistant gloves

AQ6103-2007: Protective gloves for welders

AQ6104-2007: anti-X-ray gloves

AS2225-1994: Electrical Use of Insulating gloves Revised 1May 1996

AS/NZS2161.1-2000: Occupational protective gloves - Part 1: Selection, use and maintenance (partial replacement of AS2161:1978)

AS/NZS2161.2-2005: Occupational protective gloves - Part 2: General requirements (EN420:1994) replace AS2161:1978 and NZS5812:1982

AS/NZS2161.3-2005: Occupational protective gloves - Part 3: Protection against mechanical hazards (EN430:1994) replaces AS3161:1978 and NZS5812:1982

AS/NZS2161.4-1999: Occupational protective gloves - Part 4: Protection against the risk of burns (heat and fire)(EN407:1994) partially supersedes AS2161:1978

AS/NZS2161.5-1998: Occupational Protective gloves - Part 5: Protection against cold (EN511:1994) replaces AS5161:1978 and NZS5812:1982