Benefits of Graphene Nylon


Graphene nylon functional fabric, using rare graphene technology, combines nylon with functionality. This fabric is not only lightweight, but also has excellent breathability, quick drying and warmth.

In the cold winter, graphene nylon functional fabric can provide you with excellent warmth, while in the hot summer, its excellent breathability and quick-drying properties can keep you refreshed at all times.

The principle is: by graphene or graphene derivatives and one or more kinds of materials composite from the new functional fiber. As a new and rare high-tech fabric, graphene nylon functional fabric is more practical and comfortable while maintaining a sense of fashion.

The preparation of this fabric combines the advantages of graphene and nylon, with excellent abrasion resistance, wrinkle resistance and anti-pilling properties, as well as excellent moisture absorption and perspiration performance, anti-odor performance and inhibition of mites and many other features. Not only that, this fabric also has good environmental performance, in line with the current concept of green environmental protection.