About insulated gloves


Insulated gloves, also known as high-voltage insulated gloves. It is made of natural rubber. Five fingered gloves made of insulating rubber or latex through lamination, molding, vulcanization, or immersion molding. Mainly used for electrical work.

1. Use of insulated gloves

Insulating gloves are labor protection equipment. Provide protection for opponents or the human body. Made of materials such as rubber, latex, plastic, etc. It has the functions of electricity resistance, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance, and oil resistance. Suitable for the power industry, automotive and mechanical maintenance, and chemical industry.

2. Check gloves

Before using such gloves. It must be checked for stickiness. And conduct relevant testing for any air leakage.

Before using such gloves. It must be confirmed that the product is qualified and still within its shelf life.

3. Insulation gloves are mainly divided into three categories: 12KV, 35KV, and silicone dual color

12KV (material is thicker and heavier than dual color silicone, with a moderate price and requires maintenance every six months)

35KV (thickest and most expensive among the three types, with a shelf life of one year and self inspection every six months)

Silicone dual color (thinner, more comfortable material, cheapest among the three types of gloves)

4. Maintenance of insulated gloves

Cleaning and maintenance of insulated gloves: When the gloves become dirty, rinse them with soap and water with a temperature not exceeding 65 degrees Celsius, then thoroughly dry and apply talcum powder. If any mixture such as tar or paint is still found after washing, please immediately clean this area with a cleaning agent (but not too much) and rinse it off immediately