How to clean cotton gloves


While cleaning. First of all, we can use brushes like brushing teeth to clean up the stains. And also need to pay special attention to the cleaning of the fingertips of labor protection gloves. Then using a bucket of cold water, mix the salt and mild soap evenly. Put the labor protection gloves inside in this way. After that, you need to rub your fingers to remove the dirt.

And then rinse it. You can gently squeeze the labor protection gloves. Overflow all the water above. Then you can put an old-fashioned clothespin on each finger. Mainly to prevent it from deforming. Then find a shady place. Use clothespins to hang the work gloves and let them air dry. Massage or knead softened work gloves. Keep cotton gloves soft. Continue to knead and massage the gloves every few hours. Until they are completely dry.

Cotton yarn labor insurance line gloves are a kind of labor insurance line gloves. It is also a kind of labor protection gloves with a wide range of applications. It can be applied in various processing industries, construction decoration, and transportation processes. Although cotton yarn labor protection gloves are widely used, they also have a problem. That is, the cotton yarn material will become hard after washing. Affect.

The above is an introduction to the cleaning method of cotton yarn labor protection gloves. Hope to be of some help to everyone.