Why cyclists wear gloves


Because gloves can reduce the risk of slippery hands. The thick pad part of the gloves can absorb the shock of riding and reduce hand numbness. In addition, gloves can also be used to wipe sweat. It even provides protection in the event of a crash. Female bikers who are afraid of tanning can also protect themselves from the sun and keep out the cold in winter.

To avoid the stuffiness when wearing gloves. The surface material adopts professional composite fabric. Breathable between the fingers, speed up the air circulation, resist the sultry heat, let you experience the fun of riding. When the bicycle is in high-speed motion. The anti-slip and shock-proof effect of gloves is very important. Gloves can effectively relieve the pressure on the wrist joints. The palm of the glove is made of imported wear-resistant microfiber material. Equipped with low glue anti-skid, anti-vibration and anti-cushion palm pads. It can effectively alleviate the reaction force of the handlebar during riding. Avoid damage to the palm nerves. So as to relieve hand fatigue. Increase the safety factor for riders.

Due to the different parts of the hand worn, the selection of materials for this part is different. For example, the back part of the hand is generally spliced by a variety of materials such as ventilation, sweat absorption, sun protection, and cold protection. The palm part emphasizes the functions of shockproof, anti-skid and wear-resisting. Therefore, regardless of the size of the gloves, every design is thoughtful and attentive. Because bicycle gloves are more suitable for hands. To facilitate putting on and taking off. In some gloves, a rough non-slip sheet is sewn under the palm of the hand. It is convenient to pull down to close when put on. When taking it off, it can be easily taken off by pulling on the pull line between the fingers.