Types of glue on dipped gloves


Many glove users report that the dipped gloves have a pungent smell. do not know why? There are several types of glue for dipped gloves. Common ones are natural latex, nitrile rubber, PVC glue, and PU glue.
Among them, the most pungent smell is PVC glue. In fact, it's not that PVC dipped gloves are bad. Positive PVC gloves have a wide range of applications. Commonly used fish catching gloves, long-tube oil-resistant gloves, etc. The material of PVC gloves is different from other gloves. It is an oily material, the main ingredients are resin and dissolved oil. If it is processed in strict accordance with the production process. PVC gloves smell very little. The pungent smell of PVC dipped gloves is mainly because manufacturers use low-quality base oils as raw materials in order to reduce costs. The biggest feature of this type of oil is its low price. However, the gloves have a big smell and a high rate of oil leakage, especially when sweating a lot in hot weather, the hand feels very greasy and the pungent smell is more severe.
Natural latex has a slightly fragrant taste and a natural fragrance. However, the processed gloves will also have a slight odor, which is the problem of the last process, whether it is wrinkle treatment or foaming treatment, there will be material residues.
    Nitrile dipped gloves and PU dipped gloves will also have a slight smell.