How to judge the quality of nitrile protective gloves?


Nitrile labor protection gloves have oil-repellent properties. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for use in repair shops, oil fields, factories and other fields. The market demand is also very large. Like some large manufacturers. Every purchase of the gloves is a one-time purchase of thousands of pairs. The purchasers of these manufacturers know the large discounts. However, in the purchasing process, they also need to learn how to distinguish the quality of nitrile gloves. I believe that many purchasers will not be able to distinguish. To help, let's explain it next. How to judge the quality of a pair of nitrile protective gloves.
I want to know the quality of a pair of nitrile protective gloves. You can observe the appearance of the lower glove first. The surface of a good quality glove requires four none. No yellowing, no black spots, no stains, no holes. Yellowing, black spots, and stains can be seen with the naked eye. How to identify the hole in the glove? In fact, the method is very simple. You can take a pair of sample nitrile gloves sent by the manufacturer and pour water or inflate into the gloves. Once you find that the gloves are leaking or leaking, it means that the gloves have quality problems.