The history of gloves


According to historical records, the glove was first seen in the "Homer Epic" in the sixth century BC. When the ancient Greeks ate, they ate pilaf just like the Indians or the Middle Easterners. But before they grab a meal with their hands, they have to put on special gloves. The practical function of gloves is the same as that of chopsticks used by us Chinese. Therefore, gloves used to be a pilaf tool in history.
From the 13th century, European women began to wear gloves for decoration. Decorative gloves are also popular among male nobles.
After the European religious circles took over the glove, it changed its function. The clergy wear white gloves to express holiness and piety. Before the nineteenth century, the sacred role of white gloves was extended to the kings issuing decree and judges to wear them. European knights put on white gloves to express their sacred duties. Take off the glove and hold it in your hand, expressing chic leisure. Throw the glove in front of the opponent to challenge the duel. The challenged knight picked up his gloves and declared his challenge.
Not only that. The officers also wore white gloves. It became a decoration for the soldiers to advertise the martial jihad. Today, military honor guards of various countries still wear white gloves.
Women wear gloves mostly elegant and beautiful, so in ancient Europe, there were decorative gloves made of silk and velvet, which were available in black and white and color. In the 19th century, hand-painted and black net-woven gloves also appeared, giving people a mysterious look.
According to the needs of the times, gloves have been evolving.