November foreign trade calendar


November 1st  Multi-Country • Halloween All Saints' Day
On the second day of the three-day Western Christian festival All Hallows' Day, this day is the real "Halloween" or "Halloween Day."
November 2  Multi-Country • All Souls Day
On the third day of the three-day Western Christian festival All Hallows' Day, Christians commemorate all the undead, especially the deceased relatives.
November 4th    Russia • People's Solidarity Day Day of Unity
In 2005, People’s Solidarity Day was officially designated as a statutory festival in Russia to commemorate the 1612 Russian citizens Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky leading the Russian militia to fight foreign invasions and from the Polish army. The liberation of this historical event in Moscow. This is the "most young" festival in Russia.
November 9    Cambodia • Independence Day Independence Day
On November 9, 1953, the Kingdom of Cambodia emerged from the French colonial rule and declared independence, becoming a constitutional monarchy led by King Sihanouk. This day was designated as Cambodia National Day and also the Cambodian Army Day.
November 11    Poland • Independence Day Independence Day
Since the extinction of Poland in 1795, it has gone through 123 years and returned to independence in November 1918 to rebuild the motherland. Since then, Poland has designated November 11th as the Polish Independence Day.
November 12     United Kingdom • National Day Remembrance Sunday
After mid-October every year, there are many people in the UK who wear a small red flower on their chest or a small red flower in the front of a private car. Every November 11th is the Remembrance Day of the Commonwealth, and the closest to it is Remembrance Sunday. Not only does the Queen lead all walks of life and veterans of the country to dedicate wreaths to the fallen soldiers, and ceremonies are held throughout the UK. To commemorate all the British soldiers who died in the war.
November 15     Brazil • Republic Day Republic Day
Brazil National Day.
November 23     United States • Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving is an authentic American holiday, and Europeans are just Thanksgiving. This day is also a public holiday in the United States. Americans often spend a 4-5 day holiday last weekend as the beginning of the American season and the holiday season.
November 23     Japan • Hardworking Thanks Day Labour Thanksgiving Day
This is one of the national statutory festivals in Japan. The festival evolved from the traditional festival “New Taste Festival”. The purpose of the festival is to respect hard work, bless production, and nationals thank each other.
November 26   Russia • Mother's Day Mother's Day
The festival, based on an order issued by former Russian President Boris Yeltsin on January 30, 1998, aims to support the tradition of loving women and strengthen the family foundation.