Types of leather gloves


1. Know gloves

In the familiar glove. Work gloves for labor protection are the oldest. It is often used in industrial cargo handling or heavy manual labor. Generally, the first layer of cowhide, goatskin, deerskin and sheepskin are used.

The characteristics of this type of gloves are breathable, comfortable, sweat-absorbent, wear-resistant, cut-resistant, and soft to the touch. Can be used in some dangerous jobs. Better protect our hands. And use leather as raw material. It is also to better protect the heat resistance and insulation performance of the gloves.


2. Leather gloves

Usually leather gloves are used. Divided into first layer skin and second layer skin. The top layer of leather is the outermost skin part of the leather. The characteristic of cow head leather is that the cortex is soft. It has good abrasion resistance, tear resistance and puncture resistance. When the thickness of the first layer of skin reaches 1.0-1.1mm, the anti-cutting can reach level 2-3. Cowhide generally has a lower ignition point. It has good high temperature resistance effect. In physical conditions 15-20 seconds. Normal temperatures that can be tolerated are between 150°C and 200°C.

Split leather is used to split or remove the outer layer of cowhide. Generally, the second layer of leather on the back of the cow is selected. Compared with the first layer of cowhide. down a notch. But it also has good heat resistance and wear resistance.


3. Sheepskin Gloves

Sheepskin is lighter than cowhide. The thickness can only support a single cortex. Because the original fibers of the cortex are not destroyed. Therefore, the wear resistance and puncture resistance are relatively good. Suitable for gloves with high mechanical requirements.

At the same time, sheepskin is also divided into goatskin and sheepskin. Goatskin is a bit thicker than sheepskin. Wear resistance and tensile strength are also relatively strong. Sheepskin has a finer grain surface than goatskin. The feel and smoothness are softer and smoother. It is a relatively high-grade glove material.


4. Buckskin Gloves

Buckskin will be relatively softer. Sika deer and elk are generally used. There is a certain beauty. The weight is also relatively light. Good temperature resistance. Low temperature resistance. High temperature resistance. water resistant. It belongs to high-grade materials.


5.PU leather gloves

PU is a kind of artificial leather. Also called microfiber leather. The full name is "microfiber reinforced leather". Using synthetic fiber as raw material. It belongs to the regenerated leather in the new leather category. It is a newly developed high-grade leather in synthetic leather. It feels as soft and comfortable as real leather. It has excellent wear resistance, air permeability, aging resistance, flexibility, etc. It has the advantages that traditional natural leather cannot satisfy, such as wide range of use, large quantity, and variety.