How many kinds of baseball gloves are there


1How many kinds of baseball gloves are there

Baseball gloves are gloves worn when playing baseball. At the beginning of baseball. The players are all barehanded in the competition. In 1896, the first pair of baseball gloves appeared in the baseball game. It started to protect the catcher. Later, with the development of baseball gloves. It has gradually become one of the necessary equipment for baseball. Baseball gloves can be divided into the following types according to position:

1. Catcher gloves

Catcher gloves are common gloves. It is usually worn on the left hand. There are also special right hand gloves. For use by catchers. It is mainly used to buffer the huge energy of the ball. Help catchers catch the ball better. The catcher gloves are characterized by four fingers connected together except the thumb. The sponge lining inside is also much thicker than the gloves used in other positions.

2. Gloves for pitchers

Gloves used by pitchers are designed to prevent the ball from being seen. Most of them are closed. The leather in the Hukou area is generally not blank. It is required that the leather strip, suture and web are of the same color.

3. Batting gloves

Gloves for batters. It is used to prevent sweating on the hands from touching the bat and making the bat slip and release. It can also play a certain role in protecting hands.

4. First base gloves

Because first base is related to the number of outs. Is it the runner who comes first or the man who comes first. Therefore, first baseman gloves will be made long and large. It is big enough to catch the bad ball better. Long enough to catch the ball first.

5. Second base gloves

The second baseman is weak because of the ball he hits. Sometimes it is necessary to perform double kill together. Therefore, the pockets for catching the ball will be shallow. It's a little like a shrunken version of pitching gloves. It is convenient to take the ball out quickly and pass it to first base after receiving the ball.

6. Third base gloves

The three types of gloves are generally made into cross type. The pocket will be deeper. Because the ball hitting the third base is quite strong. Deeper gloves are convenient for catching the ball.

7. Guerrilla gloves

The property is just between second base and third base. So the pattern of gloves is also in between. There are many I-shaped ones.

8. Field gloves

Because the outfield defense area is large, the gloves are also made larger. It is usually made into a double cross. It is convenient to catch the fly ball without being blocked by gloves.

2How to wear baseball gloves

Baseball gloves should be worn well to protect hands and assist in catching the ball. We need to master the correct way of wearing. The correct way to wear baseball gloves is:

The index finger is placed on the outside through the opening on the back of the baseball glove. Put other fingers into the glove. Note that. The thumb position of the baseball catch glove is separated from the other four fingers. The tightness of the glove can be adjusted by adjusting the belt with the thumb at the entrance of the glove.

There is no requirement to wear a baseball glove on that hand. However, it usually requires the right hand to throw the ball, so the gloves will be worn on the left hand. There are also some left-handed baseball players who customize special right-handed baseball gloves.

3How to choose the size of baseball gloves

According to international baseball standards. In professional baseball games. The length of baseball gloves shall not exceed 39.4 cm. The perimeter of gloves shall not exceed 96.5 cm. Under such a standard. Just choose the right size gloves.