Welding gloves material and selection method


1. What is the material of welding gloves?

Welding gloves are special protective equipment for welding workers. It should meet the requirements of wear resistance, knife cut resistance, tear resistance, puncture resistance, burning resistance, heat conduction resistance, hot air flow resistance, metal slag resistance, and sensitivity and comfort. Can prevent high temperature during welding. Molten metal and flying sparks can cause hand injuries to workers. There are many materials for welding gloves. Because it is required to use wear-resistant, radiant heat-resistant leather or cotton canvas and leather composite materials to make. Therefore, the outer layer is generally made of natural leather such as split cowhide, cowhide, pigskin, and sheepskin. The inner layer is made of thickened inner lining, pure cotton inner lining, cotton inner lining, denim inner lining and other materials.

2. Are welding gloves insulated?

Welding gloves should have good insulating properties. This is especially the case when welders work in welding sites where electricity may be present. Gloves used must be made of insulating materials.

Three welding gloves price and purchase method

The price of welding gloves is affected by factors such as leather quality, leather processing process, fireproof line quality, and manufacturing process. Prices vary. Generally, cheap welding gloves only cost 1-2 yuan a pair, while high-quality welding gloves cost tens of yuan a pair. Therefore, when selecting welding gloves, the following factors should be considered:

1. Look at the leather quality

Skins of different thickness from 1.0mm-1.3mm. Different parts from the second layer core skin to the neck skin to the belly skin. The quality and price of different thicknesses and different parts of the skin are different. Different leather materials. Its high temperature resistance, puncture resistance, wear resistance, sensitivity and other properties are also different.

2. Look at the leather processing technology

Different processing techniques are used in the production of welding glove leather. It will cause the softness and hardness of the skin to be different. Some skins are prone to mildew and red spots, which means that the process of processing the skins has added impurity materials. Except for the taste of the skin itself, there is no peculiar smell, a product with suitable hardness and uniform thickness. For workers who use welding gloves. The product experience will be better.

3. Look at the fire line

High-quality fireproof line has better fireproof performance. Whether you use three strands or two strands will also affect the life of your welding gloves.

4. Choice of lining

The quality of the lining is very important. Because the lining is in direct contact with the hands. Some inferior welding gloves use variegated lining. The thickness of the material is also different. If you do not wash your hands thoroughly after use. Undoubtedly, it will bring great health risks to welders. In addition, many of the variegated linings are made of chemical fiber materials. Sparks splash during welding can easily cause burn accidents. So pay attention to choose high-quality lining.