How to maintain sheepskin gloves


Sheepskin gloves refer to gloves made of goat or sheepskin. Has not easily damaged. It has the advantages of long service life, comfortable wearing, heat resistance and good insulation performance. But be careful. Sheepskin gloves are more troublesome to clean. Because leather gloves cannot be washed. Instead, wipe clean with a leather-specific cleaner. In addition, sheepskin gloves require careful maintenance. Including keeping away from high temperature, keeping clean, storing carefully, etc.

1. Can sheepskin gloves be washed?

Do not wash sheepskin gloves with water. Because the fibrous tissue of the leather will swell and become soft when exposed to water, which will deform the gloves. Leather gloves should be cleaned with a coarse cleaner, powder cleaner, or an organic cleaning solution. Will cause different degrees of damage to the leather.

2. How to clean sheepskin gloves

1. If the outside of the sheepskin gloves is dirty, you can wipe them with a leather-specific cleaner. Can remove dirt. Or wipe with a clean flannel dipped in protein solution. It can not only decontaminate, but also make the leather surface shiny.

2. Stubborn and difficult to wipe stains can be cleaned with diluted detergent. Dehydrate and dry after washing. Put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry in the shade.

3. If the leather gloves get damp and moldy. Mold can be removed by wiping with diluted turkey red oil.

4. If the sheepskin gloves are dirty inside. It is recommended to wash once with neutral soap. After rinsing, wrap a paper towel on the outside and air dry. After air-drying, take a clean eraser. Dab a little egg white or toothpaste on the soiled area.

3. How to maintain

1. The maintenance of sheepskin gloves should be careful not to get wet easily. Because sheepskin gloves belong to leather gloves. If it gets wet often. It will reduce the warmth of the gloves. If wet. Wipe immediately. Keep gloves dry.

2. Be careful not to let the gloves be scratched by sharp objects during normal use. Sheepskin gloves are difficult to repair once damaged. So be careful when you use it.

3. After using sheepskin gloves. To be placed in a place with low drying temperature. Sheepskin gloves are most afraid of high temperature. Do not expose sheepskin gloves to the sun. Not to mention that it can't be baked on a stove. To prevent the leather from hardening and brittle.

4. Sheepskin gloves should be kept as clean as possible. This can effectively prolong the service life of sheepskin gloves. We need to pay attention to the method when we clean. Everyone is cleaning and wiping gloves. First wipe off the dust on the leather surface with a dry cloth. Reapply maintenance oil.

5. When placing sheepskin gloves, be careful not to let other items overwhelm the sheepskin gloves. Avoid damage to the elasticity of the leather surface of the glove. Affect appearance.

6. When collecting sheepskin gloves, pay attention to rubbing maintenance oil on your sheepskin gloves first. Then put it in a clean storage bag. Avoid getting dusty.