Is it necessary to wear cycling gloves?


1. Are Cycling Gloves Necessary?
When doing team cycling. Riders should wear appropriate riding equipment. That includes cycling gloves. Cycling gloves are protective gloves for cycling sports. Its palm position has been thickened. Some cycling gloves are also padded with a silicone layer. The role of cycling gloves is to reduce the risk of sweaty, slippery hands. The heavily padded portion of the glove absorbs the shock of riding. Reduce hand numbness. In addition, gloves can also be used to wipe sweat. Provides protection in the event of a crash. Cycling gloves also provide sun protection and cold protection.
2. What are the characteristics of cycling gloves
a. Breathable
To avoid sweltering with gloves. The surface material is made of mesh cloth, Lycra cloth, three-layer cloth commonly known as sandwich mesh cloth, and three-layer laminated cloth composed of three layers of cloth. Among them, Lycra has stretch elasticity and breathability. The most widely used. The three-layer lamination cloth is composed of the outermost mesh cloth, the middle layer of waterproof and breathable membrane, and the inner layer of brush cloth. Waterproof and cold proof. It is more commonly used in severe cold regions such as Europe and the United States.
b. Shock absorption
The shock-absorbing effect of the glove lining is foam, EVA, memory foam, and Gel in sequence. Professional cycling gloves are commonly used in memory foam and shock-absorbing gel. Simple identification at the time of purchase: press on the pad. Poor elasticity is foam. The memory foam that can be slowly popped up. The elastic and slippery is shock-absorbing gel.
c. Anti-slip
The material to attach to the body. It is mostly used on the prominent part of the hand to make a fist. In the early days, PVC, which is not environmentally friendly but low-cost, was used. Recently, it has been banned in Japan and Europe. Therefore, the most common PU material is derived. The price is high but it is environmentally friendly. In addition, there is silicone with better anti-slip effect.
3. How to choose cycling gloves
a. Choose half-finger or full-finger for riding gloves
Cycling gloves are divided into half-finger and full-finger. In the end to buy a full finger or a half finger depends on individual needs. when the weather is warm. Half-finger cycling gloves are more convenient. The advantage is that it is cool and flexible. It is very convenient to carry small items from the pocket and use the mobile phone. But the disadvantage is that it cannot be waterproof, cold-proof and sun-proof. The protection effect is not as good as the full finger.
b. It is better to be tighter or looser for riding gloves
Usually glove size is related to height. However, each manufacturer's die structure is not the same, and even the proportions of males, females and children are different. So the biggest focus is fit.