Types of safety glasses in labor protection supplies


We all know. Eyes are very important organs. But some jobs can easily hurt the eyes. This requires wearing appropriate safety eye protection. There are generally three types of it, as follows:

1. Protective glasses against solid debris: mainly used to prevent mechanical damage to the eyes such as metal or sand and gravel debris. The product's spectacle lenses and spectacle frames should be of solid construction. Has anti-strike properties. The frame is fitted with a cover around it. There should be ventilation holes on it. Protective lenses are available in tempered glass, glue-bonded glass or copper mesh protective glasses.

2. Protective glasses against chemical solutions: mainly used to prevent chemical damage to the eyes caused by irritating or corrosive solutions. In production, ordinary flat lenses can be used. The frame should be covered. to prevent spillage of the solution. Usually used in laboratories, hospitals and other places.

3. Anti-radiation protective glasses: It is used to prevent the damage of excessive ultraviolet radiation and other radiation to the eyes. Lenses are used to reflect or absorb radiation. But it is made of special glass that can transmit certain visible light. Lenses are coated with bright chrome, nickel, mercury or silver metal films. Radiation can be reflected. Blue lenses absorb infrared rays. Yellow-green lenses absorb both UV and IR. Colorless leaded lenses absorb X-rays and gamma rays.