Welding gloves material and main types


Electric welding gloves are a kind of work gloves for welding workers. They are fire-resistant and heat-resistant, providing workers with safety protection and work comfort. According to the welding process and spark splash size, it can be roughly divided into two types of welding gloves, namely, arc welding gloves and argon welding gloves. Today, Xiaobian shares the materials and main classifications of commonly used welding gloves.

Welding gloves material:

The main material is made of natural leather such as cow split leather, cow head layer skin, pig skin and sheep skin.

Welding gloves features:

Mainly heat insulation, wear resistance, to prevent spatter scald, block radiation, and have certain insulation properties.

Main categories:

The type of welding does not necessarily affect the welder, so it can be roughly divided into two types of welding gloves according to various types of welding:

1. Ordinary hand-welded gloves, called hand-welding, is the usual welding of a pair of pliers to clamp the electrode. This type of welding has many high temperature spatters. Therefore, the gloves used are mostly double layers of Gary. The length is also above 35CM.

2. TIG welding gloves (TIG)

This kind of welding spatter has few, but the temperature is high, the radiation is strong, and the welding wire is relatively thin. Therefore, these gloves are better, thinner and not too long.

EN12477: Type A B type

Anti-conductance / insulation resistance 10 ^ 6 ohms resistance 10 ^ 6 ohms

Anti-wear 500 times 100 times

Knife resistance index 1.2 index 1.2

Anti-shear 25 Newton 10 Newton

Anti-piercing 60 Newton 20 Newton

Anti-combustion level 3 level 2

Heat resistance 100 degrees Celsius 100 degrees Celsius

Heat resistant airflow HTI7

Anti-fine metal slag 25 capsules 15 capsules

Flexibility (nail diameter) 11mm 6.50mm