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Work & Safety gloves designed specifically for industrial and manual work.


No matter which industry you work in, there are always a number of occupational risks involved — risks that might not even be obvious. Some people work in environments the Proper work gloves reduce hand injuries on the jobs are so frigid that most people wouldn't even leave the house — let alone gear up and brave the elements. For some, there's a daily risk of chemical burns, cuts, punctures, or contact with biohazards.


No matter your work glove requirements - whether it's a durable exterior to protect from blades, a soft and flexible material for delicate handling, or even just a bit of grip to assist with manual handling - you're sure to find what you need in our extensive range.


Regardless, no matter the job, ensuring that you're equipped with the proper personal protection can help you get the job done both efficiently and most importantly, safely.


The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 place a duty on every employer to ensure that suitable personal protective equipment is provided to employees who may be exposed to a risk to their health or safety while at work.


ABC Safety has more than 10 years of experience as a manufacturer leader in the field of personal protective equipment (PPE). Our assortment of offerings includes all kinds of gloves, such as nitrile or PU or latex coated gloves, leather gloves, latex/rubber/PVC gloves and etc.  that are made from the highest quality materials available to ensure maximum safety, comfort, and style. 


Top selling green nitrile gloves and latex household gloves are the most comfortable protection you will find. We also offer many excellent cut-protection gloves fit for your needs. ABC Safety's vast collection of work gloves offers styles for any job from mechanical to oil rig, or the toughest construction buffs.


Our most popular gloves, such as coated gloves,cut/ heat resistant gloves, leather gloves, cotton gloves, offer hand safety used by trade professionals and consumers alike.We also offer our products to individuals concerned about their safety.


Our clients are companies of all sizes all over the world, from sectors as diverse as industry, construction, public utilities…,such as TESCO, ALDI, LIDL, COSTCO, MIDAS, HONEYWELL, ANSELL ...


Our catalog offers a wide range of items. However, the range of products we are able to offer is much wider, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you don’t find what you are searching for.We have a passion for serving our customers efficiently and are committed to establishing long term relationships.


Our goal is accomplished when your business progresses and thrives.


ABC Safety's mission is to always be care for your hands.


Discover all the services we offer to our customers.